Thursday, December 10, 2009

Norway UFO/Spiral was a rocket launch

It was with out any doubt a Russian rocket launch. 

You can see the regular looking rocket exhaust in this photo, near the ground.

This sort of failure was videotaped before, in Russia and in China.

China TV report, with multiple videos.

Russian home video, with spiral.

Below is a Russian launch at sea (the YouTube description is wrong, see here for complete video). Note the multiple boosters.  As well as the spiral they go into after launch.

Launch with out the failure from Russian security camera, note the same glowing trail from the rocket exhaust.

And an American launch, with out failure, that clearly shows how the hot gases expand rapidly at that high altitude. As well as the "dark hole" that appears after the rocket booster stops burning.

While the YouTube videos are labeled UFO and other unknowns, this event is well known by those working on rockets.  The Norway event is just the latest in a long series of them, with the lack of scientific reporting, and the secrecy of the military who is launching the rockets, allowing ignorance and fear to dominate observers.

Even supposed "experts" posting on blogs and mentioned on TV don't seem to know about the YouTube videos.  Which means if you just watched them, you know more than the experts right now.

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